Saturday, August 25, 2012

Twinkle Manalo

Hello! Yes, Twinkle is my real name! I was born in the Philippines, moved to Long Beach, CA when I was 8, and moved to Hawaii in 2008. This October I will be turning the big 30!!! I've gone through a lot in life, but since I started attending LCC in 2010, I've figured out a lot about where the direction of my life is heading! Currently I only need one more writing intensive course (Business Writing-which I'm also taking this semester) to graduate with an AA-Liberal Arts and Certificate in Music from LCC. I hope to attend UHWO in the fall of 2013 to pursue a BA in Education-Elementary school teacher! I love working with kids, I love music, and I love Jesus! I hope to have a career that involves all three! I currently work with the YMCA as a group leader Monday-Friday for the before and after school program at Lehua Elementary and I recently just got hired as a PPT -Para Professional Tutor at the same school. I'm very much involved at Grace Bible Church Pearlside (LCC Theater) where I sing on Sundays, attend worship leading school on Thursdays, and also lead women's group on Wednesdays. As you can see I'm quite busy and the reason why I decided to take on the challenge of taking online classes this semester! Believing for a great semester!!

I was not much into technology because I either couldn't afford high tech gadgets or I would rather spend the money on other things. I'd much rather choose to use the free internet, computer, and printer at the school library. Right now I own a Toshiba laptop, the cheapest model I could find at Best Buy. Last school year I bought it because I figure I'd need it solely for school purposes with the basic word document to write my assignments. I'd go to Starbucks to get the free internet and would email the assignments to myself and print them out at LCC! This year though I moved on up! Last month my phone broke and I was forced to purchase a new one. I got myself an Iphone4, only because I got it on discount with a new plan! It's my favorite gadget thus far!!! I don't know how I went so long living without a smart phone or Apple technology! Checking email, FB, google, gps, downloading music, pandora, and downloading apps (budget, pictogram, gym class schedules, youtube, Starbucks, and more!) has never been easier. It's crazy to think how we can be so technologically dependent, but it's great to know I'm able to keep my life organized anywhere I go...all in the palm of my hand.

Because I'm a very busy person, I've learned to be able to organize, prioritize, and find balance in my life. I've learned to multitask and also work well under pressure making sure I get the task done in a timely manner. I'm very independent with getting things done, but when I have to work in a group I can take role of a leader or the support, whichever will help get the job done more efficiently and effectively...with quality! I believe communication is the key and also learning each other's strengths and weaknesses to help each other in support to overcome and to become better as a group and as individuals. 

This video I found related to the assignment as well as music and kids! I hope you like it!

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This is a video I did with a friend in school for a class on Using technology to teach in the Elementary school classroom. Our topic was "Why use music to teach across the curriculum?" The video was created with the program Movie Maker and the audio was created with the program Audacity. Hope you enjoy!